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from My Sister, My Bride

My sister, my bride

28 min., English, 2004, vhs & dvd

In "My Sister, My Bride," take a heart-warming and historic journey with two women, J. Farrell Cafferata and Caren Jenkins. Partners for five years, Farrell and Caren want to officially celebrate their commitment like any other couple in love. However, they do not have the same legal rights as any other couple.

We first meet Farrell and Caren at their B'rit Ahuvah, a Jewish commitment ceremony in Nevada in October 2002. Two years later, when San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, in a ground breaking act, ordered the County Clerk to begin issuing same- sex marriage licenses, Farrell and Caren come to be married at San Francisco City Hall in a civil ceremony. Together with thousands of other hopeful couples, they participate in what has become a defining moment in on-going struggle for equality in this country.

A story of love, marriage and the Constitution.


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Jewish Studies • American Studies• Human Rights • Lesbian/Gay Rights

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